How do you connect people coming from different parts of the world with each other?

African drumming.

But it goes beyond just building a connection.

In this small workshop, which was part of a 2-day trip organized by the Estonian Academy of Arts for the new international and exchange students…

The truth has yet been uncovered and none will dare divert from the illusion of knowing the truth, which gives many of my home country’s people an identity to belong to.

“They do not understand me: I’m not the mouth for these ears”. That’s what Friedrich Nietzsche claimed, and it couldn’t be any further from the truth.

The truth will shake realities, leading to chaos where only a human with reason and virtue as their ruling factor can and will slowly take that chaos and put it in order, in light of truth.

I’m not here to philosophize, but rather ask this:
“What are we valuing when we deliberately turn our backs to the truth?

I was watching the first season of the anime series Attack on Titan the other day. And there was one scene where all graduate guards were fleeing and in mental pain, afraid for their lives as they’ve seen how the titans have easily captured and slaughtered/eaten many of their comrades…

Sigmund Abou Chrouch

Multidisciplinary designer. Philosophy and psychology enthusiast.

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